PCL News (updated: 11/11/19)

2019 PCL Playoff results:

1. Virginia Beach def. Chicago.

2. Virginia Beach def. Southern Cal.

3. Pebble Beach def. Augusta.

4. Las Vegas def. Pebble Beach.

5. Arizona def VBS.

WS: Arizona vs. Las Vegas, LVB leads AZL, 3-0.

2020 Free Agent Class

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2019 Team Instructions / 2019 v4 Roster file

West East
Bay Area Arizona
Cabo Augusta
Hawaii Chicago
Las Vegas Lancaster
Pebble Beach St. Louis
Santa Barbara Utah
Southern Cal Virginia Beach


Click here to download the final 2018 league roster

Commissioner's Notes (Last Updated 4/27/19):

Note: Below is commissioner Eric's order of play target dates. The series may be played in any order after completing the intra-owner series'.

End of April all games between teams of same owner played
End of May 2 additional series
End of June 3 more series
End of July 3 more
End of August 3 more
Sept 15 finish season


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2018 PCL Awards:

2018 Champs: Hawaii Alii

2018 MVP Voting:

MVP: Giancarlo Stanton, SCT

Cy Young: Zach Greinke, HAW


C: Buster Posey, STL

1b: Anthony Rizzo, LAN

2b: Daniel Murphy, AZL

SS: Zach Cozart, LVB

3b: Kris Bryant, CHI

OF: Giancarlo Stanton, SCT

OF: Charlie Blackmon, HAW

OF: JD. Martinez, AGN

Manager: Jim

GM: Jim

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