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Happy Thanksgiving!

2019 All-Star Ballot

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Please let me know if I missed anyone. I did this rather quickly this year.

2020 League Changes:


First, and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I am grateful for the friendships we have had throughout the years, and still amazed that this silly dice and card game has helped to maintain these friendships throughout the years.

In a unanimous agreement over the past week, we have a few changes coming our way. I believe we will be able to dispense with any rules discussion this spring. This is based on numerous emails and phone calls and having agreement from each manager. Here we go:


1. Jim is going to scale back to one team this year. He is keeping Chicago and he thanks and excuses Hawaii.

2. Bob is going back to 2 teams, dropping Arizona. This will allow balance in the league. Thanks Bob for taking on 3 teams last season. I know that was not the easiest thing in the world.

3. This should get us back to our old format of 3 divisions. Here is what I think it would look like:

Bay Area
Southern Cal
Santa Barbara
Pebble Beach

Las Vegas

St. Louis
Virginia Beach

4. In response to having two fewer teams, I am proposing that the remaining Boston and Houston players not chosen last year are ineligible. The players on Hawaii and Arizona who are NOT graduating will be frozen for one year (2020) and will become eligible the following year (2021). Given that the grandfathered players are still eligible for 2020 and given all of the players from Houston and Boston already on Cabo or Utah, this seems appropriate and there is PLENTY of talent available. It will also infuse a bunch of talent in 2021 and allow people a year to plan for that.

5. Bob has volunteered to adjust the scouting sheet for us over the next few days. Thanks Bob.


2020 Free Agent Class

Coming soon!


2020 Team Instructions / 2020 v4 Roster file

West Central East
Bay Area Cabo Augusta
Pebble Beach Lancaster Chicago
Santa Barbara Las Vegas St. Louis
Southern Cal Utah Virginia Beach


Click here to download the final 2018 league roster

Commissioner's Notes (Last Updated 4/27/19):

Note: Below is commissioner Eric's order of play target dates. The series may be played in any order after completing the intra-owner series'.

End of April all games between teams of same owner played
End of May 2 additional series
End of June 3 more series
End of July 3 more
End of August 3 more
Sept 15 finish season

2019 All-Star Ballot (in progress)

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2019 PCL Awards:

2019 Champs: Las Vegas Bandits

2019 MVP Voting:


Cy Young:












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