2017 PCL Convention News:

2017 Convention Rules Discussion Topics:


New Proposal for 2018 & 2017 Auction:


1)  There is one Major proposal to be voted on at 2017 annual meeting – it is listed as
      rule 2018A/D1 (it applies to 2018 & beyond);   If it passes, then a vote on proposal
      rule 2017A/D1-a (applies to 2017 only) immediately follows the passing of previous
      proposal. The 2nd proposal (2017) is not connected to the 1st proposal (2018). If the 1st
        proposal (2018) fails, then the 2nd proposal (2017) can be tabled or voted upon as a
      stand alone proposal. And, vice versa – if 1st proposal (2018) passes, then the 2nd
      proposal (2017) can be voted on pass or fail. Commissioner will decide if simple
      majority or 2/3rds vote is needed on each proposal.
2)  Background for new Auction/Draft proposal:
     *There are some feelings, that some of us are not enjoying Strato, as it is.
     *Some feel that they would rather forget about Strato, and just get together to play
       golf  in La Quinta.
     *Some of the rest may feel that Others of us take this game way to seriously.
     *Others may feel that they simply do not have the time to invest in Strato in playing
       their games.
     *Some also feel that: even though we have cut the auction process in half, that it still
       takes too long to complete the auction on Friday.
     *So, having said that:  MY goal is to keep Strato going and not get rid of it.  __each
       person has to come to grips as to why they are not enjoying the game;  others of us
       need to realize that we need to take the game less seriously and try to come to a
       compromise for all.
     *Therefore, I am going to PROPOSE a new rule: 2018A/D1 (it applies to 2018 &
       beyond),  & rule 2017A/D1-a (it applies to 2017 only), in order to cut the Auction
       process down as much as possible on Friday, to make for a shorter auction with both
       proposals being voted on in La Quinta separately @ the 2017 convention.

3)   Auction vs Draft:
      *There is talk that going back to a Draft process instead of an auction, would be more
        efficient. I will disagree, in that I do not favor a Draft process in its entirety.
      *What I am proposing (after doing Analysis of the last 3 years (2014-16) of the PCL’s
        auction top 100’s final list)  and generated these #’s for auctioned players #81-100:
        2014--$6.0 avg per player
        2015--$4.3 avg per player
        2016--$7.2 avg per player
        All 3 year avg’s = $5.8 per player (let’s say $6).
4)   The New rules to be voted on:
      1)   rule 2018A/D1: That we AUCTION the Top 100 List (adding 20 players to Top80).
            *then, starting with player #101, we go to a DRAFT system for our remaining


        *Each player would cost $1 maximum, and the clock would run @ 2 minutes for each
          GM to pick a player (the order of the Draft for each round is determined by last
          to 1st from previous years’ finish – as in waiver rounds).
        *If at the end of exactly 2 minutes, a GM has not picked or needs more time, he
          automatically passes for that round (he does not have a chance to draft a player
          for that round later, at any time, until next round).

     2)   rule 2017A/D1-a:   (for 2017 only)    we Auction Top 80-85 (TBD by Commish)
           off  list;
          * __ then go to a Draft system @ player #81 or #86, of 2 minutes for each GM’s
            nomination with a slight variation of 2018 proposal.
          *GM nominates a player (nominating order from last to 1st  for each round,  
           determined by last years finish) for $1 up to maximum of $5. If he bids @ $5,
           then no other GM can outbid him.
          *If nominating GM bids an amount UNDER $5, then the very next GM (order
           determined by last to 1st from last years finish) can bid higher (max @ $5) until
           $5 is reached on that player, or all the GM’s have passed on that player and
           current high bid is awarded to that GM. 
          *Again, there is a 2-minute limit on each nomination.

5)   The reason for the new Draft portion (2018 version) is to speed up the end of the
      auction on the filler/minor players, and keep other GM’s from hoarding money
      at the end of the auction and “stealing” your nominated picks because they have
      more money to “Trump” (Republican term) you.
Signed,   Michael  J. Denton



2016 Awards:

2016 PCL Champion:

Santa Barbara Mooners



2016 MVP Voting:

MVP: B. Harper, LVB

Cy Young: J. Arriera, STL


C: B. Posey, PBC

1b: J. Votto, AZL

2b: D. Gordon, STL

SS: Tie: B. Crawford, PBC; J. Peralta, AGN

3b: J. Kang, HAW

OF: B. Harper, LVB

OF: M. Trout, SCT

OF: R. Grichuk, SCT

Manager: Eric

GM: Mike

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