2019 PCL Convention News:


2019 PCL Proposals

  • Eric: Elimination of the Joe Saunders rule (6.4): Openners, the MLB 10-day DL, larger bullpen rosters, bullpen games, etc.
  • Ken: Elimination of the roster tax. We are taking 2 days for the auction and don't need this rule anymore.
  • Ken: Make perminate the retention of all grandfathers used in 2019.
  • Gordon: make perminant the WWW lottery order used in 2019.
  • All: Review of rule 2.8: players with 2 or more cards - Part II The "Brooks Kieschnick Rule. Or, what to do about the strange case of Shohei Ohtani (and others who might have equal dual talents)?
  • PCL Tourney day?
  • Where to meet in 2020?

2018 PCL Awards:

2018 Champs: Hawaii Alii

2018 MVP Voting:

MVP: Giancarlo Stanton, SCT

Cy Young: Zach Greinke, HAW


C: Buster Posey, STL

1b: Anthony Rizzo, LAN

2b: Daniel Murphy, AZL

SS: Zach Cozart, LVB

3b: Kris Bryant, CHI

OF: Giancarlo Stanton, SCT

OF: Charlie Blackmon, HAW

OF: JD. Martinez, AGN

Manager: Jim

GM: Jim

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